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Deaf youth Retreat Report

by Donnie - June 2nd, 2010.
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In May, annually, there is a campground named Camp Caraway.  It is a Deaf youth camp where the staff have an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus to the Deaf campers in their language: American Sign Language.  We had Kevin Clark as a director for many years & a guest speaker who preaches.  But of this year, there are some changes have been made.
This May (14th-16th weekend), Kevin Clark was the guest speaker.  Ray Bryson and Miriam DeVincenzo were the directors assisting Kevin.  Ray and Miriam have worked closely with Deaf camp counselors, 1 hearing camp counselor, 1 Deaf lifeguard, & 1 hearing nurse.  Those 2 hearing people know sign language.  All together there were 63 campers and total camp of 90 people counting campers and staff.  You can see, almost all staff are Deaf Christians.
About the new changes made this year, all of us have dramatize Scripture verses rather than memorize in word by word.  All Deaf campers do prefer to dramatize the Bible verses.
The campers have enjoyed their recreations on Saturday afternoon.  There are: swimming pool,
blob, water slide, basketball, fishing, volleyball (campers vs. staff), etc.
Throughout months of planning, Ray & Miriam have realized on how hard work Kevin did annually.  They truly have appreciated him more than before!
On the last day of camping, there were 11 campers who became saved & the other 6 have rededicated their lives to Jesus.
Above all, let us give all rounds of applauses to Jesus Christ!!

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