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Kevin and Donnie Israel Tour

by Donnie - May 10th, 2010.
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From Kevin Clark:

Dear friends,
Here is your opportunity to go with us on our Deaf Holy Land Tour this year – Dec. 30th to Jan.11th.  You can open this document and look into our brochure.  We will need the deposit $50 per person by May 13 if you want to go.  We can make the arrange for your flight to Atlanta from Charlotte or Raleigh.  It will cost about $75 per person – addition to the total price from the brochure. From Atlanta airport, the plane(Delta) will fly out straight to Tel Aviv, Israel.
We will need your informations from you so we can keep in touch :
Your name : _______________
Your home mailing address:____________________
Your email address:__________________
Your VP(if you want give): ______________
You can write a deposit($50) check to “Kevin Clark”. And you can mail the check to: Kevin Clark, 4286 Bluebird Drive, Morganton,NC   28655.
If you need more informations or questions : please feel free to ask me(Kevin or Donnie).  Kevin Clark’s email address is and Donnie’s is
Let go and see where Jesus was !

if you don’t have a passport ; please get one now if you will go.


Donnie/Kevin Christian Tour

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