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Deaf Youth Retreat

by Donnie - February 27th, 2010.
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This e-mail is about the Deaf youth Retreat, May 14, 15, 16. Click here to download the brochure and registration form in a PDF file. Also here for the Word file with a special MEMO. Please read the three items about camp:

1. PLEASE – we need your help. We want Deaf students to come to camp and meet Christ. DO NOT think, camp is not for me I can throw this away. We need you to give this to Deaf students. We need you to help us get kids to come to camp. THIS IS your Christian ministry too. Every Deaf student in middle school and high school needs a chance to come to camp. Help us get this registration form out to the students and help get them to camp where they can meet Christ. You might even want to consider providing scholarships for kids to come to camp. We need scholarship money due to the hard economy.

2. NCSD and ENCSD have made some changes. Students cannot go back to school on Sunday. The memo explains that parents must make plans to pick up their student on Sunday afternoon at 4:30. All the information is in the MEMO. We can make this work but we need everyone’s help with the students to get them to camp and then to get them back home on Sunday.

3. Camp is available for Deaf students who live outside of NC. Some students from TN and SC come almost every year. We want you to come. You can adapt the registration form to the needs in your state but we must have signatures from families giving permission for students to come and to be treated medically if there is a need. If you have any questions please contact me – Donnie Wiltshire – at

I ask all of you to pray for our Deaf Youth Retreat that many students will find Christ, grow in Christ, follow Christ. It is so important. Also, pray for Kevin Clark and the staff of Deaf Youth Retreat.



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