North Carolina Baptist Conference of the Deaf

Fall TriState Deaf School of Theology

by Donnie - June 4th, 2010

Hi everyone.  Please open the PDF file attached to this e-mail.  You will find the information about the two classes being offered this Fall at the TriState Deaf School of Theology.

Please see the New Testament class.  This may be the last time that Carter Bearden teaches for us.  This will be a great opportunity for many of you to study with one of the greatest Deaf preachers Southern Baptist have ever known.

The second class is a really good class for preachers and students who feel God leading toward being a pastor of minister.  If you have questions about either class please write to me.


TriState Fall 2010 Course Offering

Camp Caraway picture

by Donnie - June 4th, 2010

Deaf youth Retreat Report

by Donnie - June 2nd, 2010

In May, annually, there is a campground named Camp Caraway.  It is a Deaf youth camp where the staff have an opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus to the Deaf campers in their language: American Sign Language.  We had Kevin Clark as a director for many years & a guest speaker who preaches.  But of this year, there are some changes have been made.
This May (14th-16th weekend), Kevin Clark was the guest speaker.  Ray Bryson and Miriam DeVincenzo were the directors assisting Kevin.  Ray and Miriam have worked closely with Deaf camp counselors, 1 hearing camp counselor, 1 Deaf lifeguard, & 1 hearing nurse.  Those 2 hearing people know sign language.  All together there were 63 campers and total camp of 90 people counting campers and staff.  You can see, almost all staff are Deaf Christians.
About the new changes made this year, all of us have dramatize Scripture verses rather than memorize in word by word.  All Deaf campers do prefer to dramatize the Bible verses.
The campers have enjoyed their recreations on Saturday afternoon.  There are: swimming pool,
blob, water slide, basketball, fishing, volleyball (campers vs. staff), etc.
Throughout months of planning, Ray & Miriam have realized on how hard work Kevin did annually.  They truly have appreciated him more than before!
On the last day of camping, there were 11 campers who became saved & the other 6 have rededicated their lives to Jesus.
Above all, let us give all rounds of applauses to Jesus Christ!!

Kevin and Donnie Israel Tour

by Donnie - May 10th, 2010

From Kevin Clark:

Dear friends,
Here is your opportunity to go with us on our Deaf Holy Land Tour this year – Dec. 30th to Jan.11th.  You can open this document and look into our brochure.  We will need the deposit $50 per person by May 13 if you want to go.  We can make the arrange for your flight to Atlanta from Charlotte or Raleigh.  It will cost about $75 per person – addition to the total price from the brochure. From Atlanta airport, the plane(Delta) will fly out straight to Tel Aviv, Israel.
We will need your informations from you so we can keep in touch :
Your name : _______________
Your home mailing address:____________________
Your email address:__________________
Your VP(if you want give): ______________
You can write a deposit($50) check to “Kevin Clark”. And you can mail the check to: Kevin Clark, 4286 Bluebird Drive, Morganton,NC   28655.
If you need more informations or questions : please feel free to ask me(Kevin or Donnie).  Kevin Clark’s email address is and Donnie’s is
Let go and see where Jesus was !

if you don’t have a passport ; please get one now if you will go.


Donnie/Kevin Christian Tour

Mission Extravaganza 2010 Conference

by Donnie - March 24th, 2010

Dear Deaf Women & Deaf WMU Members

Here is some information that will enable you to prepare for your Mission Extravaganza 2010 Conference at Ridgecrest, NC. April 16-18, 2010. See & open the attached PDF to this email.

If you have not registered yet, you are encouraged to register the form from the following link. Please do so now to confirm you a room before March 3o to get registration in on time before April 1 Deadline.

Make it the best largest numbers of women there and break a record of the year! Can we count you being there?

Hope to see you there!

TIC and ITP Update

by Donnie - March 13th, 2010

Finally I have all the information on the Interpreter Training Program at TIC this year. We have two great workshops and two great workshop leaders. Robert Moore is back with us and Sally Dixon, long time Deaf education, is also with us. You will find attached promotion pieces, registration form, and schedule. I hope you will be able to join us for quality training at reasonable prices. It is possible to receive 1 CEU from these RID approved workshops.

Please keep in mind that you must do the ITP registration form and the TIC registration form. The TIC registration form will reserve you a room and meals. The ITP registration form is just for the ITP workshops.

You can also find all these forms on the Baptist State Convention web site beginning next Monday, March 15. Go to If you have questions write an e-mail or give me a call.


by admin - March 1st, 2010

Many of you have asked me if we will have an Interpreter Training
Program at TIC. The answer to that is “yes.” I have not sent the
forms yet for the ITP because I do not have them ready. We will have
two five hour ITP’s. Bob Moore, from Gardner-Webb who taught a great
class last year, will be back. Also, Sally Dixon, long time Deaf
educator and interpreter from Morganton, will be with us. As soon as
all our RID forms are submitted to RID the ITP registration forms will
go out. You can expect a total of ten hours of professional level
instruction at a very reasonable price awarding 1 CEU.

If you have question please e-mail me.


Deaf Youth Retreat

by Donnie - February 27th, 2010

This e-mail is about the Deaf youth Retreat, May 14, 15, 16. Click here to download the brochure and registration form in a PDF file. Also here for the Word file with a special MEMO. Please read the three items about camp:

1. PLEASE – we need your help. We want Deaf students to come to camp and meet Christ. DO NOT think, camp is not for me I can throw this away. We need you to give this to Deaf students. We need you to help us get kids to come to camp. THIS IS your Christian ministry too. Every Deaf student in middle school and high school needs a chance to come to camp. Help us get this registration form out to the students and help get them to camp where they can meet Christ. You might even want to consider providing scholarships for kids to come to camp. We need scholarship money due to the hard economy.

2. NCSD and ENCSD have made some changes. Students cannot go back to school on Sunday. The memo explains that parents must make plans to pick up their student on Sunday afternoon at 4:30. All the information is in the MEMO. We can make this work but we need everyone’s help with the students to get them to camp and then to get them back home on Sunday.

3. Camp is available for Deaf students who live outside of NC. Some students from TN and SC come almost every year. We want you to come. You can adapt the registration form to the needs in your state but we must have signatures from families giving permission for students to come and to be treated medically if there is a need. If you have any questions please contact me – Donnie Wiltshire – at

I ask all of you to pray for our Deaf Youth Retreat that many students will find Christ, grow in Christ, follow Christ. It is so important. Also, pray for Kevin Clark and the staff of Deaf Youth Retreat.



Ladies Spring Luncheon at CDM

by admin - February 25th, 2010

The FBC Charlotte Deaf Mission’s Women’s Ministry
invites you to our special
11th annual Ladies Spring Luncheon
Guest Speaker: Dawn Barnes

Games at 11:00am
Lunch at 11:30

Ticket are $8.00 per person

During the Ladies Luncheon, we will be having a silent auction for
mission support. Lotsa goodies!
Downoad Flyer and Directions

No Reservations accepted after March 13, 2010
No tickets sold at the door!

Print registration form and map below:
Map and directions

For more information:
contact Cindy Moore at
or 704-537-9436 Voice/TTY

Share His Hope

by admin - February 25th, 2010

Hi everyone. I am forwarding the announcement about the “Share His
Hope” conference at Merrimon Ave. Baptist Church in Asheville. This
conference is about adopting children. There are conferences about
adopting Deaf children too. If you have questions about this conference
please contact Becky Lloyd at Becky can answer
your questions about the adoption conference.

There is also a web site that has more information. It is


Donnie Wiltshire, Special Ministries Consultant
Congregational Services,